Outstanding Youth for September 2018, “Amaris Joi Campbell”


“Outstanding Youth Amaris Joi Campbell”

We are proud to introduce Ms. Amaris Joi Campbell, she is a 16-year-old Junior attending McClure North High School in St. Louis, Mo. Amaris current G.P.A. is 3.50. She is a member of the Honor’s Society at her school.

In her free time, Amaris has a passion for fashion and modeling. She started modeling at the age of 13 years old, and with the help of her Walk Coach, Michael Jones, she has had the opportunity of walking the runway in several known fashion shows; “Breath of Life,” “Walk Fashion Show St. Louis,” and “Rock the Community Fashion Show,” just to name a few. She has also been hired by local boutiques to model clothing for their websites and social media platforms. As a result of her love for modeling, Amaris is inspired to become a Fashion Designer and Fashion Model in the near future.

Amaris has proven to be a “Go-Getter,” and recently set the goal of obtaining her first job by the time she turned 16 years old; she accomplished this goal by landing her first job on her 16th birthday, June 27, 2018. This is just one of many of her goals; she has set high goals for her future and she’s working hard to accomplish them one by one. She is funny and loving and enjoys setting a positive example for her younger sister Zoe.

During the holiday season she enjoys giving back to the community by serving as a volunteer to feed the homeless. Upon graduation from high school, Amaris plans to attend college and become a Medical Psychologist.

Help us Celebrate this Outstanding young woman who definitely deserves to be recognized!
Thanks to your generous donations and proceeds from your purchases of our products located under the “Free Gifts,” option on the Home Page, Amaris Campbell will be receiving a Certificate of Achievement, a “I Support St. Louis Prayer Project” t-shirt, a “Prayer Changes Everything” prayer journal, and a $100 Foot Locker gift card. Please continue to share and donate so that other outstanding young people can be recognized for their good deeds each month. Remember, we pray for all our children sometimes even more for those who may be struggling; however, we can’t forget the importance of motivating and empowering those that are putting their best foot forward and making great strides by staying out of trouble. Peer pressure is real, that is why St. Louis Prayer Project, Inc. wants to feature “Outstanding Youth” that serve as role models for their peers by doing good. Making good positive choices is the new “Cool.”


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