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The St. Louis Prayer Project Inc.’s mission is to mentor, educate and empower youth ages 10- 18 years old to be responsible by making positive decisions that will lead to positive future outcomes.


We envision youth to become future leaders through sound decision making.  We strive  to make a positive difference in the lives of youth through mentorship utilizing  4 core values:  Faith, Love, Hope, and Resilience.


Our youth participate in a 8-week workshop composed of four, two-week modules that are designed to educate them on life skills using interactive, engaging activities.  Topics include:  the importance of education, faith, self- love, coping with loss/grief, mentorship, coping skills, healthy peer relationships, and anger management. Every student receives a FREE prayer journal and a t-shirt representing each module as they advance through.  There is a recognition ceremony held at the completion of each workshop.

Module 1:  FAITH

Module 2:  LOVE

Module 3:  HOPE


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Striving to make a difference in the lives of future generations